Saturday, September 3, 2011

why 9/11/11 has an ever increasing role in America

This is a warning for those with sensitive ears and eyes. I'm not writing today as the "Nice Guy". I'm writing as the Navy Veteran who served during Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom. If you are easily offended.. you might still want to read on. If you are proud to be an American, share this post with everyone you can. I hope this might wake people up just a little bit.

We're still 8 days away from the ten year mark of 9/11/2001. I don't think it should be called an Anniversary per se because ten years ago our nation experienced the most horrendous attacks our nation has ever seen.

As with other national holidays, Memorial Day, Veterans day, and 9/11, people take it more of off from work than realizing those who made the day off possible. I'm the kind of man who isn't ashamed to cry openly when I hear the National Anthem, God Bless the USA, and Taps. Every year for the past 11 years, on those days I weep openly, genuinely, and with a heavy heart. and Sadly every year I end up back at home with my blood boiling.

Why? Because for each person I hear say "God Bless our troops", I hear "WOOHOO Let's go get drunk!". I often hear it from ignorant college students who have no idea what it takes to make these holidays possible. OR, I hear it from adults who should know better but don't know or don't care. When I hear people talk like this or god forbid they choose to protest at a cemetary, all I want to do is walk over to them and punch them in the face.

I want to scream at the top of my lungs right in their face "Men and Women have died for the past 200 years for your right to be fucking stupid and disrespectful. I fought for 4 years for your right to "freedom of speech". I spent holidays away from my family, friends, and loved ones. There are families now who have an empty chair permanently at their table for the rest of their lives. All for your right to party hard or protest against them."

So on 9/11/2011, 11/11/11 (Veterans Day), and Memorial Day, please listen to me when I say this... IF you don't understand WHY we have these holidays, don't appreciate WHY we have these holidays, don't understand WHO gave up their life for these holidays, don't know the families of those who gave everything to have these holidays, or just DON'T care WHY we have these holidays, do me this favor: Pack your shit, pack your family, and get the FUCK out of my country. If you won't stand behind our troops, PLEASE OH PLEASE, Stand in front of them so you take the bullet or IED hit... not them. IF you appreciate the freedom of speech but don't appreciate that freedom, do one of two things; Shut your damn mouth or MOVE to a country other than ours.

Remember, living in this country is a right. Not a privilege. If you live in this great nation, then stand up, take off your hat, cover your heart and say the pledge of Allegiance, sing the national anthem, and be QUIET when you hear Taps. This isn't the United States of America and mexico and canada and europe and asia. When you live here, there is but ONE flag you pledge allegiance to. It's the flag that drapes over every casket of every american who has given their life for this country. If you want to fly a different flag, take it to the country it came from because it doesn't belong here.

Bottom line.... If you get the benefits of living in this great nation, show some damn appreciation for it or get the fuck out of our country.


The Nice Guy/ Navy Veteran 2000-2004


  1. Dear Mr. Nice Guy,

    As a soldier, your feelings, beliefs and reasoning cannot be disputed and are valid. I salute you for stating them.

    As a person who thoughtfully declined to be a part of our armed services, I still vote, I work as a volunteer at hospitals, and pray for those who put themselves in harms way for what they believe is protecting their country and its way of life. I have had several of them in my extended family.

    What I do not believe in is war and violence, at the expense of human life. While I fully understand that life contains violence, I do not celebrate it and do not feel that your putting your life on the line for me is the best way to express the interests of America, nor to save life outside of the United States.

    Part of this belief system stems from having lived my adult life involved in several different cultures - some of them considered the 'enemy'. War is a reflection of government, and I do not believe that my government always reflects our people. So I will continue to vote, participate in community, and pray that the lives of soldiers, agents and citizens working in other countries will be safe.

    I will also continue to create a culture of peace and collaboration with citizens of other countries in the hopes that those relationships will strengthen and spread the positive aspects of America.

    I solute you and thank you for your sacrifices in our country's behalf.

  2. Valerie,

    Thank you for your response!

    While I dislike war myself, I also understand that sometimes making alliances with other countries who don't embrace freedom and democracy is a losing battle. I don't like war, I don't like the carnage and collateral damage it causes. However, I do believe with every ounce of my being that if we did not respond after 9/11, it would have opened the flood gates for more terrorist attacks.

    There is also no doubt in my mind that both Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan governments have aided Al Queda, Taliban, and other terrorist organizations. Saddam proved time and again he was a tyrant and his sons were even scarier than he was. Ridding Iraq of him and his sons was a service to the world as a whole. Still having troops there to help them establish a new government was always part of the deal.

    On another note, While I support our troops 100%, I don't support the politicians making the decisions for them. I don't think the house or the senate or even the white house has had the livelihood and safety of the troops at the forefront of their mind for a long time. I saw all too often battle equipment that was long past it's years and many soldiers going out and spending their own money on safety equipment.

    I guess my biggest beef is that while people go out and party, they don't take the time to realize WHY they have an extended weekend. For the past three years, on Memorial Day, 9/11, and Veterans Day, I've attended ceremonies at the local Veterans Cemetary. Spending the say with people who have lost loved ones and coming back home with a heavy heart. Only to log into Facebook and see people posting about how wasted they were but not once mention the sacrifice that had been given by those who served. My other beef is with people who live in the US, but don't follow the customs of standing and being respectful during the National Anthem.

    I am fluent in both Spanish and English. My wife and I have plans to travel to Europe in the next couple years and so I've already ordered Rosetta Stone to learn the languages of the countries I'm visiting. I don't expect them to cater to me because I am the foreigner. If I choose to arrive to that country, it's common courtesy to follow their customs and traditions. And because of that, I can only ask that those coming to reap the rewards of living in this country can follow the same thought process.

    I want to thank you for VOTING! Of all the rights that we have as Americans, I think it is one of the most awesome ones to have. People who don't exercise that right don't have a right to complain as well.

    I love what you said in the last paragraph about peace and collaboration and spreading the positive aspects of America. Thank you for being a great citizen of this nation. Have a great night and thank you for stopping by!