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Why nice guys love superman

January 2006
Why nice guys love superman
Every one knows the nice guy. He is the one who comes over to your house when your boyfriend cheats on you. He is the one who sat and watched the chick flick with you cuz your boyfriend wouldn't. HE is the one who would treat you like a queen if he was ever given the chance. Unfortunately, the nice guys are always beaten out by the "Villain"

The villain is the "bad boy" who does what he wants and walks over women like it is his God given right. He is the one who time and again has the "ass on the side" and never feels guilty for being unfaithful. It is him who makes the good guys hate being so nice. It is the villain that always gets the woman. And it is always the nice guy who gets left home alone.

Sure, the nice guy has many friends, but what about a companion? How many times has he worked up the balls to ask that someone out just to hear "I think we are better off as friends", or "our friendship means a lot to me and I don't want to ruin that with a relationship". Those two responses are often more painful than a kick to the balls for the nice guy. And, whatever happened to the saying that friends make the best lovers?

The world reads playboy, cosmo, vogue, and all the other magazines that talk about men and women. In fact, the most common qualities wanted in a man by playmates: Caring, Nice, Romantic, and the most common... LOYALTY. So, this begs the question. If these are the qualities that women want, then why do they go to the bad boy? The most incredible thing is that once those women get the caring, nice, romantic and loyal man, they are the ones who cheat!

A friend once told me that she gets bored after a couple months of dating a guy. She said it wasn't the guys fault at all. It was the chase that she loved. This leaves me extremely perplexed. If the women want a nice guy but also want the chase, how does a guy get a woman he wants, but more importantly, how does he keep her? But, is it all worth the hassle? MAYBE one day I will figure that one out.

So, I have come to the conclusion that being a nice guy is like being superman. Superman is always trying to do the right thing. He just somehow always is overlooked, or no one just cares to say "thank you". The nice guy has the super human ability to endure heartbreak time and time again. He has the super power to be trampled on, used and abused, and still come back for more. Superman often thought that his powers were a curse. In the same fashion, being a nice guy is like a curse. AND, when the nice guy finally gives up and tries to be a bad boy, he either fails miserably, or he succeeds in being a jerk, using friends, but ultimately hates this so much he goes back to being the nice guy. So, being in the Catch 22, what does a nice guy do to get the woman he deserves?

The answer is to not worry about finding a woman. She will come when it is time. Focus now on the more important things. Get an education so you can earn more money than the people who were just pretty and will rely on their T&A and bubbly smile. Don't worry about that guy in high school whose daddy spoiled them rotten, but picked on you to make himself feel better. Don't dwell on the people who made your life bad in high school. They are bullets to a gun that will help you shoot down obstacles before your ten year reunion. Once you get to your ten year, show all those bimbos and jerks that you weren't just the nice guy, but you are now the MSG (More Successful Guy)
But, this wouldn't be complete without actually thanking those dipshits who made you unhappy. They are the reason why you will be successful. Thank that woman who cheated on you! Thank that guy who used to throw apples at you!! They are the drive in my life. They are the reason why I will be better at everything than they are. Just like Lex Luthor made life hell for superman, those people will make life hell for you. They are your drive, Lex is superman’s drive.

So, THANK YOU to all those people who shat on me. You are the reason I will be better in my life. Thank you Lex Luthor for making superman my hero.

For all of you going through a rough patch in your lives, whether it be in high school, your 20’s, 30’s, and on, it will be over one day. My youth pastor in high school said that sometimes you just gotta “keep on keepin on”. There is no harm in using your aggressions towards goals. Don’t let the other people win and be mad at them. Focus on your future, and better yourself.
Remember, “be nice to the nerds, they will one day be your boss”- Bill Gates

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