Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Why Dogs Stick their head out the car window

I'm a spiritual guy. religious.... meh. I believe in Jesus, and I believe in God. I am quite jaded by churches though. I believe in Fellowship, communion, and spending time with people who have like values and beliefs.

With that, I was introduced to Law of Attraction by my boss about four months ago. I have listened intently, and found that these teachings are very powerful, and usually find me on the right day at the right time, right when I need them. Today was an incredible example of that happening. Here's the video to show you what I mean. The last minute of the video is what I needed to hear.

Currently, I am one year into college, one year into being a dad, about to take a step up in the company that I work for, and in doing all of this, I have been scared shitless (sorry, sailors gotta tell it like it is). I have found that the reward is SO incredibly worth it. Going through college is hard! The University of Phoenix isn't an easy place to study. I am damn proud of going back to school and working towards my Bachelors degree though.

I am proud to be a dad. My baby boy (pictured right with me) has been the greatest blessing I could have ever asked for. He has been saying "Dada" for a few months, and has just recently starting just saying "Dad". He is the joy of my life, and the reason I strive to be a better man. My stepkids keep me on my toes, and make me push to be a better man, and symbol of how a Man should treat his Wife, and how being a Dad is the coolest job in the world.

My wife pushes me (sometimes a little harder than I want, but exactly how hard I need) to be the better man, father, and husband. Sometimes we don't see eye to eye. Other times, my view is in the clouds, and hers is at sea level. However, these happen so very rarely.

I give these contrasts to show that in my life, I do get "bugs in my eyes" BUT, the journey, oh the Journey is soooo worth it!

Being woken up in the middle of the night by a crying baby. pfft, that's nothing compared to the smile I get when I get home and he sees me and smiles and puts his arms out for me to hold him. My stepkids who were particularly mean to me when their mom and I got together. Yeah, that was like getting a bumble bee and not a mosquito. However, over the past few years, that bumblebee is nothing compared to the fun ride it has been with my stepkids.

Spending a whole weekend working on a paper and not being able to spend time with my family, yeah that sucks. However, I do know that in the past year, I have improved my education, and advanced myself to more opportunities at a great job with great pay, and a great environment. in fact, The job I have now is in direct result to going to school. My boss wanted someone who knew what they wanted and were willing to work to get it.

So here's the bottom line... In life, you are going to get hit in the face with a bug or hundreds depending on how fun the ride is. But really, quit stressing, get the tooth pick out, take the bug guts out of your teeth, wipe off your face and keep reminding yourself... The bugs are well worth the ride!!!

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