Friday, April 30, 2010

a video all parents might love

Hi everyone!!!

Its been a loooooong week for the Nice Guy. Life happens. All too often nowadays, everything else seems to get in the way of life at home. Work, school, youth sports, and so on. work and school have been taking up an outrageous amount of time for me. So, on weeks like this, a friday is a welcome reminder to take life a little slower, and appreciate those around you. This evening, my son (gunna be 2 in june.. CRAP where does the time go? it seems just like yesterday i was changing that first diaper.... ok, I wasn't changing it, I was gagging and the awesome nurse at St Elizabeth Hospital maternity ward was.... back on track Justin..) my son came up to me and gave me a huge hug for no apparent reason. Ya know sometimes being a dad and random acts of love from a child will choke ya up with absolute love. Well, he looked up at me and said "dada" and gave me a hug and lifted his head up for a kiss. I saw his blue eyes and it reminded me of a song I heard a while back. I just wanted to share this video with you all. I won't lie, have a hankie or some kleenex. It is truly an awesome video. For all the Nice Dads and Nice Moms, Enjoy!!!

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