Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers Day!

IN honor of the women who put up with us men, I wanted to thank the 4 women that have made me the man I am today.... Without moms, we wouldn't be here. They change our diapers when we were little, they kiss our ouchies when we fell down, they drove us to baseball, football, soccer, basketball, school events, helped us sell jerky and chocolate bars for fund raising events. They showed us that being a man isn't about being macho, it's about being kind and chivalrous. Moms teach us that being a man means seeing a woman as a gift from God, and treating her as such.

Starting off, the Matriarch in my family. My Grandma Maisie. She grew up during the depression, she lived through WWII, Korea, Vietnam, and the Persian Gulf War. Unfortunately, she passed away before I graduated high school, but the 17 years I was alive and got to know her were a blessing. She was a hard tough woman. She'd been married to a man who never saw her as an equal. On a side note, whenever he acted that way, SHE reminded him in a pleasant way that involved her knuckles and him being humbled.

My mom Sheryl. She raised me as a single mom, took the role of father as well. I started calling her my Fadre (Madre/Father) a while back. She is the one who taught me that every boy needs a father figure. every boy needs a man to look up to. And every MOM can play both roles of Father and Mother if she is called to do so. My mom did that job very well. She taught me that saying please, Thank you, and You're welcome are mandatory. She taught me that it never pays off to lie, be rude, or take advantage of others. She would have given the shirt off her back if someone asked, and she never asked for anything more than a thank you in return.

To the women in my life who make me a better man, Thank you! I will always be grateful for the lessons you've shared.

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