Sunday, August 29, 2010

His Legacy and My Legacy

I just read an article from Chris Brogan about his Legacy, and the Legacy of those who he has talked to. You can read the article HERE.

It got me to thinking.... What do I want my legacy to be? I spent four years in the Navy, so I hope a small part of that is about when our ship won a soccer tournament and I was the coach. Maybe about the deployments I did in 2001 and 2003. Maybe about being a Veteran and getting involved with Veterans and helping out where I can.

Or maybe it would be about being raised in the church and volunteering my time when I was in my teens to the community. Maybe as an adult working for a Non Profit Organization for the Mentally Ill and being an advocate for my clients.

But it really got me to thinking about my family. It got me to thinking about being raised by a single mom. I spent summers with my dad but for the most part, my mom played the role of "Fadre" (Father and Madre). It got me thinking about how growing up has impacted the man I am today and what I value.

Growing up, I was really active in soccer and baseball. My dad made a few of my little league games, but never made it to one of my soccer games. His reason: He didn't like soccer. yeah, ouch. He made it to my jr. high school graduation but not my high school graduation. I was happy my mom and family were there, but I cried when I realized he wasn't there.

I had to learn how to shave on my own, I learned about girls from playboy cuz my poor mom didn't know how to talk to me about the birds & the bees. Basically, I had to fumble my way around most things boys should have their dads teach them. I don't resent my dad for not being there for one reason.... It taught me that when I had kids, I wouldn't make the same mistakes he made.

This is the Legacy I want to have: I want to be known as the dad who is at every practice for whatever sport they are playing in. I want to be the dad who is at every event my child wishes me to be at. I want to be the dad who cries when my son goes off to his first day of school when I drop him off and choke back tears until he is out of the car and then I can go home and wail that my baby boy is growing up. I want to be the dad who is there. The one who is there the day he goes off to college or the military or whatever endeavor he chooses. I want to be the dad who gets to share a beer with his son when he turns 21 and also the one who wakes him up the next morning when he realizes that drinking isn't all its cracked up to be.

Additionally, I want to be known by my son as half of the team of Team Mom & Dad. I want my son to look at me and say "That is the husband I will be when I am older". I want my son to see how I care about others and give of myself to help people and the community we live in. I want my son to know what being a Chivalrous Man is all about. I want my son to see me open doors for my wife, my elders, and generally for any stranger out there. I want him to see me pull a chair out for my wife, see me do dishes, see me be fully involved in our house, and know that teamwork is what makes a house, family, and marriage flourish.

The most important Legacy I want is that I was a Loving Dad, Husband, and Man.

What do you want your legacy to be?

Thanks to Chris Brogan for the inspiration!

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