Thursday, September 2, 2010

Missing my Grandma

Today, My mom called me to tell me she had some items that my Grandma had left for me that she had found while preparing for a yard sale. I knew my grandma collected coins and I figured that would be cool to go through. I found rings, watches, cufflinks from my grandpa, tie clips, you name it, I found all sorts of cool stuff.

But then I found the greatest treasure of all. A letter my grandma had written to a gentleman asking for help in keeping a part of her town in good shape and explaining that she had poured her heart, mind, body, and soul into. countless hours she devoted, and she was never afraid to ask someone for donations to help things go along.

I wasn't even a few paragraphs into the letter before I realized this was a part of my grandma I never knew. This philanthropic woman who raised money for MS, community events, and gave of herself for the betterment of the town she lived in. To show how resourceful she was, the letter was even written on a paper place mat that you would see in a diner or small restaurant.

Even now, almost 12 years since she passed away, her Legacy continues on with little bits of wisdom here and there for me. I told my mom that the most valuable possession I have from my grandma was the cribbage board that I used to play against my Grandma on. I still remember the first time I skunked her :) Also the skip bo decks that we used on many many different occasions and the uno deck we used as well. My favorite times with my Grandma were those simple times, just her and I, playing cards and her sharing stories with me.

I'm missing my grandma something fierce today. She taught me many lessons when she was alive, and she taught me another lesson this evening. I only wish I could have had more time to listen and learn. I don't have any grandparents left sadly. However, to this day if I have the chance to listen to someone who is an elder, I close my mouth, and sit and smile and listen. Of times that were simpler. Of times when neighbors were next door and not across the world but right next to you on the internet. Of times when Family was gathered at the dinner table. talking about the day, hardships, lessons, and laughter.

If you still are lucky to have grandparents, give them a call or stop by and cherish the time you have with them. I love you Grandma! See you someday up above!

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