Thursday, September 30, 2010

Reunions, Doors closing and doors opening

A few weeks ago, I had my ten year reunion. I posted on facebook that I was apprehensive about going because of the torment that a few bullies had on me in school. I was apprehensive about going because there were people there who I really REALLY had no care to see whatsoever. Ten years wasn't enough time to heal the wounds that had been created by some really horrible excuses for human beings. I wasn't ready to forgive them, I wasn't ready to see them, and I certainly wasn't ready to put up with any more crap they had to throw at me.

That was the evening before my reunion. I told my wife, mom, and aunt (all 3 women who I can confide in and get an honest response from), that I was starting to think I didn't want to go. Thankfully, the 3 of them told me to pull my head out of my ass and go. I thankfully had friends from school chime in as well and tell me they weren't going to see those people who they didn't like. they were going to see the people who they WANTED to see.

So I started thinking about it, and I came up with the mantra that I was going to be around people who wanted me to be around and who I wanted to be around. I was going to form friendships that never got the chance in high school, and I was going to forgot those ding dongs who needed to be forgotten.

The short story is that I didn't see anyone I didn't want to see. I saw those who I wanted to see, I completely forgot about those who needed to be forgotten and most importantly, started some friendships that never got the chance in high school.

My reunion was the beginning of a new stage of life but I just didn't know it yet. On Oct 1st, the Non Profit I had been working for over the past two years announced it was going out of business. Suddenly, I found myself unemployed and scared to death. But as the title of this post says, there was an open door. So, off to the world of the unknown I go. Small business owner now, I'm self employed and working my tail off to make it work. I will keep everyone updated as things progress.

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