Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Legal, Logical, Ethical

Posted April 11th, 2010

These are the three words I tell my staff when making a decision regarding anything about our Non Profit Organization. These are words that every manager should tell their staff. Today, I saw one of the best examples of doing the Ethical and Logical thing. The legal thing isn't pertinent in this particular post.

There are two movie theatres in my area called Prime Cinemas Anderson and Red Bluff. They have a fan page onFacebook for both of their theaters. The management at Prime Cinemas chose to warn parents that the movie"Kick Ass" wasn't really a movie for those under the age of 18. They urged parents to watch the movie first before just dropping the kids off to see it.

Now, this may turn some parents away from allowing their kids to go see the movie. However, the most important thing that the management did was simply tell parents "Hey, we respect you as customers, and instead of having the kids pay money and then you parents get upset, we'd rather not make the sale and have happy customers". THAT my friends is the epitome of good business. I enjoy going to this theater in both Anderson and Red Bluff. The staff appear happy to be working their and I've never walked out saying to myself "I'll never come back". Rather I have always walked out of a movie looking at the rest of the movies that I want to come back and see. This business has my vote for customer service and professionalism every day of the week. Whether they are in a small town or a large city, their business ethics will keep them in business for a long time to come.

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Damen said...
Yeah, the theater in Anderson is awesome! And there are some movies that they have chosen to show there that no other theater in our area played! I think that the people in charge there are right on and I appreciate all they do!
Rod Hayes said...
As a former employee, I can vouch that the staff IS as happy to be there as you infer, and that the management does everything it can to ensure an honest relationship with the community. Very cool that you gave them some recognition

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