Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Thats what I'm talking about!!!

Posted April 1st, 2010

Nothing makes me happy as much as good customer service. couple that with a great product and you have a million dollar business. Insert business Yama Sushi. I've traveled the world in the Navy, and experienced cuisines that I will never forget. However, the experiences at Yama Sushi have been the best to date by far. As much as I wish I could get compensation for writing this, it gives me just as much satisfaction to write about how GOOD they are.

Here's why: Every time I go in, they know my name, know the 2 types of beverage I want and simply ask which I want, and they also pay attention to the food I eat most often and offer those up to me when I arrive. Now, I'm not related to Mr. Trump, and my last name isn't Hilton, and I'm certainly not the President of the USA. However, when I go in there, I feel like I AM!

My mom, aunt, and grandma all worked in restaurants or as bartenders at one point in their lives, and they all taught me one very important lesson when it comes to leaving a Tip. If the service is great leave at least a 20% tip. if it is horrible and is deserving of a bashing on Yelp, then the tip should be a penny. I've never spent more than $30 there, but I've always left at least a ten dollar tip. I'm not rich, but I think those who earn it deserve it.

I could wax ecstatic for days about how good this place is. Honestly, quit drooling and just go try it for yourself. Afterwards, bring me a honey prawn please. I'm hungry!

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