Thursday, July 1, 2010

Pink Ribbon time cuz I love the TaTas

For those of you who know me personally, it isn't difficult to know that I won't hesitate to do something goofy or out of the norm in order to bring awareness for a cause I support. This week appears to be no different.

Lets back up a little bit... last week, I posted about a local DJ who was raising money for the Shasta Womens Refuge. Well, yesterday that same DJ showed up in downtown Redding, and set up camp. He said he wasn't going to leave until he raised $9,470 for his charity. This morning, a few ladies were talking with this local DJ. They said that the company that donated the most would get a professional photo shoot.

Well, Of course I had to go check out and see which businesses had donated thus far. When I got there, the ladies from Hanna and co were still there. I found out that there are three ladies who each have their own specialty. Melissa Bechtel owns Split Endz. Allison Elliot is a makeup artist who has done makeup for people like Rachael Ray. Jessica Hanna is the owner of Hanna and Co.

I mention Melissa, Allison, and Jessica because I told them how I am always looking for ways to bring more attention in my own little way to fighting Breast Cancer. My aunt and Grandma fought Breast cancer when I was in grade school. Luckily they both beat it. Last summer, one of my clients was diagnosed with breast cancer and in support of her, I kept my head shaved while she endured chemo and radiation. And just recently, a teacher of mine in high school was diagnosed with Breast cancer. That bomb has hit many places near to me, and luckily, no one has lost the battle to breast cancer. However, this is a rare story.

And so tomorrow, I will be giving my hair over to them. I'm afraid they have other ideas in mind. But, alas its for a great cause. Stay tuned, I am more than sure videos and pictures will follow.

For now, if you would like to help support Breast Cancer research, you can support a local by the name of Donna Jesmer as she works to raise money for her walk in San Francisco on July 11th. Click here if you would like to donate money for her walk.

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